Silly Hat Liberation Society Competition

In honor of guest author Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series, we are having a fascinator competition.

The Silly Hat Liberation Society wants you to enter a fascinator you have created in the style of Ivy Hisslepenny, the best friend of Alexia, the protagonist of the Parasol Protectorate series. Ivy is infamous for her lively taste in strangely decorated hats in eye-searing colors. Fascinators can also be inspired by other characters or anything else in the books. Entertain us by including the story of your inspiration!

We’re going with fascinators rather than full hats as most of us mere mortals do not have Ivy’s panache. Making a fascinator is easier and requires less time and materials than a full hat. Full size hats and other headgear will also be accepted. Fascinator making was a DemiCon Lite at Summer SACC.

Post a photo of your fascinator on this offical facebook group page ( by April 15, 2019 before DemiCon. Judging is being done by photo in case your creation has too much Ivy-style panache for you to wear in public. There will be a popular vote as well as judging.

Please create a fascinator in a style similar to Ivy’s hats or even re-create one of Ivy’s fashion faux paus in fascinator style. If you are recreating one of Ivy’s hats, please reference which book it is from. Even better, include the description from the book.

We look forward to having our eyes seared!