Get Involved!


Join in the fun! DemiCon is an interactive adventure!
Follow the links below to find a few of the fun, fhannish ways to be involved.

A con does not run itself!  With your help, we'll make it the best weekend ever for sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming fans in Iowa.


What can you do to get involved?

Put on your costumes and strut your stuff in the halls or on the stage! You can create a costume and enter it in the Hall Costume Contest on Friday night, or in the Masquerade & Cosplay competition on Saturday night. We've also got a con-themed Hat Contest. And, even if you don't want to enter the competitions, you can still wear your costumes around the convention throughout the weekend.


You can enter your artwork in the Art Show for display or to sell. "Fan Favorite" ribbons will be awarded in both amateur and professional categories. Be sure to vote for your favorite pieces! In addition to the con's Art Show, we have an Art Contest running until December 1, 2013, for the selection of DemiCon 25's logo.


How about making a film and entering it in DemiCon's Fhannish Film Festival?  Consider entering our annual creative writing contest. Have a blast with our LARP or scavenger hunt. There are more contests in the works for DemiCon 25, such as creating an eye-catching cardboard building (that our young members will later smash, á la Godzilla), and the dramatic reading of con-selected prose.


Check out the gaming venue and game events! Play a casual game, or enter a tournament.


You can become a ConSuite sponsor and help our ConSuite continue to be the best in the Midwest.


You can participate in workshops, activities, a filk circle, and even a Blood Drive. Check the programming information for details. Some workshops have limited seating, but you can reserve your place for those here.


Attend DemiCon's panel presentations, and join the rest of the audience in asking thought-provoking questions of the panelists. Better yet, be a panelist. Are you accomplished at a particular skill, and willing to spend an hour thrilling and educating an audience with your expertise? Maybe your forte is millinery, or ghost-hunting, or the Hubble Telescope, or special-effects make-up, just to name a few of the billions of possibilities. If so, contact us about being a panelist or conducting a workshop.


Got a talent? You can perform your comedy or your aria or your lightning talk or your belly dance during the Open Mic session, aka Venue D.  No talent yet? You can become a sponsor of TICC, a sci-fi parody acting troupe that's got plenty of talent, and has performed at all of the DemiCon conventions.


Book your lodgings on the hotel's fifth floor, and throw a room party!  It's one of the best ways to meet lots of your fellow DemiCon enthusiasts. Our Room Party Department can give you the information you need to host your party. 


One of the most important ways to be involved with DemiCon is to volunteer! Everything about our con is accomplished by our family of volunteers. In addition to the Volunteer information on-line, you'll find our Volunteer Table in the lobby of the hotel during the convention.