DemiCon will feature scheduled and open gaming.  Our gaming venue is available throughout the entire convention.  

You must be registered for DemiCon to use the gaming rooms and participate in possible tournaments, and you can purchase your membership at the convention.  To view at-the-door membership options and prices, refer to the FAQ page.  To register on-line prior to the con, use the convention registration page.

If you choose to register for your membership badge at the door (as opposed to registering on-line prior to the con), please try to arrive well in advance of your scheduled tournament.  At times, there will be a waiting line for at-the-door registration, and you will not be permitted in the gaming rooms without your badge.

Is there a game that you would like to host at DemiCon?  Tell us about it!

We want your input, and we welcome your questions.  E-mail us at

Gaming Events

Soon to come. 

Play-To-Win Special Events - Self Run Programming


We have a couple of innovative and fun games that have been donated by some great gaming businesses.  We are going to do a Play-to-Win event through the convention.  Groups are encouraged to borrow the Play-to-Win games, and when around of play is completed, pass the game on to the next group of players. Then, put your name with badge number in a drawing at the end of the convention to win the game.  You must be present at the DemiCon Closing Ceremonies to win.  This is a great way to try out some new games on the market and maybe take it home with you.