Volunteer Information


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at DemiCon! Volunteers are what make our convention work. As a fan-run convention we do not pay our staff, so all of us from ConCom to Department Heads to Badgers are volunteers. There is no financial compensation for volunteering. We all pay our own way- even the ConCom- but there are many benefits to volunteering:

  1. Learning more about running conventions
  2. Making New Friends
  3. Knowing you helped to make DemiCon possible
  4. Being "in the know" about what's happening at DemiCon this year
  5. Your school, scout troop, or other social organization may accept volunteer hours at DemiCon
  6. We need volunteers in the ConSuite, Art Show, at Masquerade, Registration, Dealer's room and other various and sundry places in the convention. We need volunteers before, during and after the convention.