DemiCon is an interactive adventure with all sorts of amazing ways to be involved. Check out some of the program areas we have available. Once we are closer to the convention we’ll also post the full programming grid with details of everything we have scheduled.

If you like what you see please remember that a con does not run itself. With your help we can make it the best weekend ever for sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming fans in Iowa. You can volunteer, run your own panel, and more!

The deadline to sign-up to run your own panel is March 1, 2022. We will accept submissions after March 1, but we will not be able to guarantee fitting you on the schedule. A programming submission for will be coming soon. In the meantime you can submit programming directly to


DemiCon typically hosts a wide range of contests to suit many interests. All are welcome to participate.


  • Creative Writing – Prose and Poetry Contest
  • Dramatic Reading Competition
  • Hall Costume Contest
  • Masquerade and Cosplay Contest
  • Room Party Contest
  • Self Programming Scavenger Hunt
  • Self Programming Bobble Head Hide
  • Sweded Movie Trailer Contest

DemiCon Channel

The Demicon Channel is set of video programming items shown on a hotel channel during the run of the DemiCon convention and presents live main stage Con events, past convention events including Trans-Iowa Canal Company Shows, DemiCon Lite Music Shows; and Original programming including a cartoon show and transitional comedy bits. All programming items are family-friendly but some late night programming items do move into the PG-13 area.

Between channel items, the DemiCon Channel shows advertising mainly for vendors in the DC Dealer’s Room. Vendors can send the Channel Master ( up to two or three standard images or Powerpoint slides that can be used in advertising segments. Limited standard full video advertising spots are also available for a minimal fee- primarily intended for Con Vendors or DMSFFS-related businesses. Contact the Channel Master for additional advertising information.

The Channel Guide will be posted at the convention!


Got Filk? What is Filk?

Filk is usually associated with music parodies (á la Weird Al). Most of what we call “filk” consists of parodies, SCA songs, folk or Celtic songs, silly songs, or whatever songs people want to share. Really narrows it down, doesn’t it? We have plenty of filking at DemiCon, mostly run in a “Bardic circle” format. In this format, everyone gets a turn to choose singing a song yourself, picking a tune for the group to sing, or passing your turn. This way, everyone gets to participate! In addition, we’ll be having interactive fun and panels with filk! Come share your ideas, rhymes, and creative energies to help us write a song parody in about an hour.

Live Action Role Play (LARP)

Check back closer to the convention for more information about live action role play!

Self-run Programming

Self-Run programming will be back!!! It is easy, fun, and can be done at your own pace.

You choose how much time you wish to take and what you do. Just follow the activity’s directions, and away you go. Find more information in the HUB.

The convention will have:

  • Cardio Loop
  • Let’s Color
  • Play-To-Win Special Events
  • Scavenger Hunt

Check back for updates and more self-run programming as we get closer to convention weekend.

The Trans-Iowa Canal Company™

TICC is an eclectic collection of science fiction fans that enjoy parodying science fiction literature, TV shows, movies, and fandom in general. Originally formed in Iowa City in 1980, its first performance, at ICON VI in 1981, was entitled “Smart Trek.” Over the years, the troupe has grown, with both a Western company, based in Des Moines, and an Eastern company, based in Iowa City. Over 170 actors, two stuffed fish, and an inflatable doll have participated in more than 65 performances at science fiction conventions. They celebrated their 100th show at DemiCon 29.

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