There is an often-seen phenomena on the Internet that consists of a list of frequently asked questions. These usually consist of questions that new people tend to ask established communities. There is a less-often seen phenomena on the Internet that consists of a list of infrequently asked questions. These are often humorous, and sometimes misleading. Well, we here at the Des Moines Science Fiction & Fantasy Society have decided to combine the two. What follows is a list of questions that are not often asked, but that we feel should be. Please browse the questions (and answers) listed here. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask us!

Infrequently Asked Questions

How has COVID-19 impacted the convention?

At registration when you pick up your badge you will be required to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test from no more than 48 hours prior. See our policies for details.

We will not be cooking any food for the ConSuite. Expect to see mostly pre-packaged food.

We do still plan to have alcohol and room parties, but please check back for any changes or additional guidance as we get closer to the convention.

We reserve the right to adjust our COVID-19 policies and requirements as public health guidance is revised.

What time does the convention start?

Registration opens at 2:00 PM (14:00) on Friday May 6, 2022. The Opening Ceremonies start at 7:00 PM on Friday, but we will have various activities starting around 2:00 PM, so show up early for maximum fun.

Note: We have not yet finalized the schedule for DemiCon 33 so there is a small chance these times could change.

What is the average attendance to DemiCon?

DemiCon enjoys an average attendance of around 600 people.  Our members (attendees) are all ages from all over the United States.

What is “Opening Ceremonies”?

Opening Ceremonies is the official kick-off for the convention. The Guests of Honor will be introduced, along with other attending guests and the convention steering committee (ConCom). This is followed by a performance by the Trans-Iowa Canal Company West™, an amateur theater troupe specializing in science fiction oriented comedy.

Do I have to wear a costume? Can I wear one anyway?

You do not have to wear a costume to enjoy DemiCon. Just show up as yourself and join the fun. Some people choose to wear costumes, and they will run the range from festive party clothing to the bug-eyed monster of the week. You may see Klingons, vampires, pirates, superheroes, steampunk costumes, and whatever else our creative attendees can imagine.

Are there costume contests?

Yes! There are two costume contests at DemiCon — the Hall Costume contest on Friday night, and Masquerade & Cosplay on Saturday night. Please review the rules for these events.

Are there activities for all ages?

Most of the activities and events at DemiCon are suitable for all ages. Some special activities will be scheduled for children and also for the youth and teen segments of the population. A separate teen-oriented area will be set aside for both organized and self-directed activities. Activities for specific age groups will be labeled on the event schedule.

What about “adult” themed events?

DemiCon offers a wide range of programming choices. If content of a program or event is intended for “mature audiences only” it will be clearly labeled.

Does DemiCon provide daycare?

No, DemiCon does not provide any daycare.

What about parking at the Holiday Inn Northwest hotel?

There is plenty of free parking in the hotel’s parking lot.

Do I have to stay at the Holiday Inn Northwest to attend DemiCon?

Of course not! You may come and go as you please from the convention. You are free to stay or not stay anywhere you choose, including but not limited to, your home, your car, a castle, a dragon’s lair, an alternate dimension, or a Hobbit hole. Remember to bring your badge with you each time you return to DemiCon from that alternate dimension, as the badge is required for admission to the con.

What happens at DemiCon?

DemiCon has many activities both planned and unplanned. The planned activities tend to involve entertainment, discussions, educational events, and workshops. The entertainment ranges from video to live theater to live musical performance. The discussions range from old and new issues in literature to what to expect from the new television seasons. The educational events involve panels on science, science fiction, fantasy, literacy, writing, the arts and so much more.  Workshop topics vary year to year and can cover projects involving writing, costuming, gaming, theater, music, programming, and art. The unplanned activities vary even more, but generally seem to involve a lot of talking to old friends, making new friends, playing games, and exploring new places to eat lunch, supper, dinner, late dinner, later dinner, latest dinner, and desert. For specific information on planned events, please refer to the Programming page.

What is the cost to attend DemiCon?

Preregistration on-line or via US Mail
Preregistration rates are available until 11:59PM Central Time on March 31, 2022.
$55.00 weekend adult (full con access)
$25.00 weekend child 5-12 years of age (full con access)
Free for children 4 and under

At-the-door registration
$65.00 weekend adult (full con access)
$25.00 weekend child 5-12 years of age (full con access)
Free for children 4 and under

There are also a variety of day passes. For more information please see the Registration page.

Gee, that seems like a lot of money. Can you explain?

The convention begins on Friday at 2:00 p.m. and runs straight through, 24 hours a day, until 4:00 p.m. Sunday (times subject to change). The cost of the regular membership actually works out to around $1.30 an hour for a whole bunch of fun and entertainment, and includes refreshments available in the Hospitality Suite on the 5th floor.

Hey, I want to advertise in your program book! How much does it cost?

The program book’s advertising rates are:

Inside Front Cover (live area 5″ x 8″):  $75
Full Page (live area 5″ x 8″):  $60
Half Page (live area 5″ x 3 7/8″):  $35
Quarter Page (live area 2 3/8″ x 3 7/8″):  $20

Contact publications@demicon.org to submit an ad to us. The deadline (subject to change) to have an ad placed with us is March 15, 2022.

Hey, I want to advertise on the DemiCon Channel! How much does that cost?

The DemiCon Channel is a set of video programming items shown on a hotel channel during the run of the convention and presents live main stage events, past convention events including Trans-Iowa Canal Company Shows, DemiCon Lite Music Shows, and original programming including a cartoon show and transitional comedy bits. All programming items are family-friendly but some late night programming items do move into the PG-13 area.

Between channel items, the DemiCon Channel shows advertising mainly for vendors in the Dealers’ Room. Vendors can send the Channel Master (demiconchannel@demicon.org) up to two or three standard images or PowerPoint slides that can be used in advertising segments. Limited standard full video advertising spots are also available for a minimal fee — primarily intended for Con Vendors or DMSFFS — related businesses. Contact the Channel Master for additional advertising information.

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