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Guest of Honor Lettie Prell

picture of lettie prell

Lettie Prell is a science fiction writer whose subject matter often explores the edge where humans and their technology are increasingly merging. Her stories have appeared in, Clarkesworld, Analog, and Apex Magazine, and reprinted in several anthologies including The New Voices of Science Fiction and The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Her new novella, “Uploading Angela”, is coming out in the May/June 2021 issue of Analog. This will be her fourth story in that magazine.

She’s lived in Des Moines most of her adult life, and we can honestly say we’re thrilled to call her our local own.

Check out Lettie’s work here:

Current Issue | Analog Science Fiction (

New Voices of Science Fiction, The – Tachyon Publications

Amazing Selects Unveils No Police = Know Future – Amazing Stories

Art by David Lee Pancake

David Lee Pancake’s sculptures and illustrations represent a varied and unique repertoire of his personal interests. He pursues a wide variety of subject matter that includes dragons, superheroes, D&D Characters, abstracts and horror sculptures and paintings. His talent expresses equally in clay or canvas. David loves to play with textures in his sculptures and his attention to detail is revealed in his careful application of dragon scales and feathers. He states: “I love detail and texture and angels, dragons and other mythical creatures allow me the freedom to play with the clay and bring to life what’s inside my head.” The fantasy creations of David Lee Pancake are gracing homes and businesses all over the world and we are sure you wont forget his name, just think about your favorite breakfast food.



Alison Johnstun

Alison is an independent artist who has always loved animals, creatures, and monsters, and draws dragons every day. Her website hosts links to her online store as well as her patreon, and also houses a journal of her daily dragon sketches. Having exhibited work in the Demicon art show in years past, we are honoured to have her as a Guest of Honor for Demicon 32: Super-Manga-Graphic-Novels-Comics-Animation!

Rising Phoenix Arts

My painting/jewelry making got started when inhad to pull my life out of the ashes after my first husband died from a brain tumor. The first bit of joy I found following his lengthy illness was in painting in acrylics onto carved leather! I branched out from there to create leather roses & ooak (one of a kind) jewelry pieces (which are mostly fannish in nature/geek inspired). Sharing the inspriation & joy of each piece I create with the people who take them home to enjoy is a favorite part of my being an artist!

Erin Casey

Are you looking to give the gift of reading to yourself, friends, and family? Then check out the urban fantasy series The Purple Door District at

The series revolves around parahumans (werewolves, vampires, werebirds, magi, witches, fae, oh my) who live in protective communities called Purple Door Districts. Book 1 is about a werebird named Bianca who’s being chased by Hunters. Her only chance to survive is to find The Purple Door District of Chicago. But the Hunters are relentless, as is the dark force driving them. It’s up to the PDD to help Bianca and work together to save their community. Book 2, Wolf Pit, continues the story a year and a half later. Werewolves are going missing in Chicago, and fire magus Tess Montgomery will do anything to save them, even work side-by-side with a Hunter.

Check out this special deal where you can get both paperback books, signed, for $25. This also includes character stickers and a bookmark. You can order directly from me at

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