DemiCon venues are specific rooms or areas of the hotel that are dedicated to a popular subject for the entire convention weekend.

Anime Room

Konnichiwa mina san!

The schedule of events is still in the works for the convention Anime room. Anime programming has its own room that is all Anime, all the time. Stay tuned for more information!

If you have any ideas regarding the Anime events you’d like to see at DemiCon, please send your suggestions to

Art Show

The DemiCon Art Show is open to all interested artists and allows artists to share their work with our attendees while simultaneously promoting Fantasy and Science Fiction art by helping artists to display and sell their work.

Virtual Art Show

With this year’s convention being virtual, the format of our Art show is going to look a bit different.    But here at Demicon we strive to bring you the best content possible regardless of the circumstances.   In 2021, our art show will be posted directly to the main page of our website – which will give you access to all the great pieces and artists and in person convention would have – without the hassle of bag checks and limited hours.

Our page will list the artist, a description of their creations, images of the artists work, as well as links to the artists online store – so that you can purchase the artist’s masterpieces, directory from the creator!

Sign up to be in the Art show

If you would like to submit any of your works to be presented in this years Art show, please use the link below to complete our sign-up form.   Replacing the normal commission and hanging fees (of an in-person Art show) will be a small 1-time submission fee, and an optional watermarking fee for each of the pieces you are submitting.   Once your form submission is received, our team will reach out to you to confirm the submission details, handle the fees and make sure your artwork is posted directly to our website.

Art Show Sign Up

If you have questions, please contact


The ConSuite (aka Hospitality Suite) is virtual this year.

The bar will be out of your own home and stocked how you want it but if you aren’t sure what to make, our own brewmaster will have some videos on-demand at our DMSFFS YouTube Channel to give you yummy ideas.  

Missing the discussions?  Don’t worry. We will have a ConSuite channel on Discord where you can pop in and talk. There might also be some fun surprises on bringing the atmosphere alive.

Don’t forget the food. The hosts with the mosts will be popping in on-demand at our DMSFFS YouTube Channel as well to share their favorite recipes and celebrate the DemiCon theme.  There might even be something for your doggy family members.  

The ConSuite will also bring back the Ice Cream Social while celebrating the one and only Rusty Hevelin.  Supply your ice cream treat of choice and join us on Zoom.  Learn a little bit about Rusty with a possible on-demand You Tube premiere jaunt though some of the Hevelin Collection.  Check the schedule for time.

Even though DemiCon is virtual if you want to be a ConSuite Collaborator or if you’re feeling particularly generous, we will still be taking monetary donations to help with the running of DemiCon. All donations are tax deductible.  

If you wish to donate a video on your favorite recipe please check out the DemiCon Channel page. If you have any questions please contact

Dealers’ Room

Here at DemiCon we strive to host a Dealer’s Room that caters to a wide variety of interest and patrons in the Sci-Fi and Fhannish community. We encourage all of our attendees to check out our virtual dealers room at DemiCon 32 – Super Manga Graphic Novels Comics Animation!

During the convention, our dealers room will be open 24/7 with listings of dealers, photos of their wares, and links to the online stores.

Note: Information for Vendors/Dealers can be found on the Dealers’ Room Registration page.

Fan Tables

Reserve a Fan Table!

Fellow Fans and DemiCon Guests:

  • Fan tables are available free to fan clubs and other related organizations on a first-come-first-served basis, with a limit of one table per group per day
  • You do not have to have a fan table the whole weekend. If you can only join us on one day that is fine.
  • DemiCon memberships are not required for persons who are only staffing fan tables. However, if you choose to see/participate in other parts of the Con, you will need a DemiCon membership.
  • You cannot sell merchandise. If you have merchandise to sell, please apply to be a dealer. Go to our our dealers’ registration page for details.
  • You are welcome to also host a panel to talk about your group but it is not mandatory for a fan table. If you wish to host a panel, go to programming and sign up.

Thank you for your cooperation. To reserve a fan table contact We look forward to seeing you at DemiCon 32. If a day is filled we will have a waiting list in case someone cancels.

Gaming Rooms

If you are interested in being a game master or hosting a game, or if you have any other questions about gaming, please contact or complete the game master sign-up form.


DemiCon Boardgaming is virtual this year! Join your fellow DemiCon attendees on BoardGameArena, Steam, and Mobile to play games together! Please see the pinned post in the DMSFFS Discord channel #gamer-online-names to find your friends’ gamer tags and add your own. Discord chat is used so you can talk to each other while playing. Visit Discord channel #gaming-boardgames to organize plays. Various #Gaming Rooms will be available throughout DemiCon. Please see the pinned chat room schedule in our channel #gaming-boardgames to determine which #Gaming Rooms are assigned at a given time, or to reserve one for your group. 

Boardgame Arena is a free-to-play website that allows you to play a wide range of boardgames virtually. This will be one of the ways this weekend that boardgames will be experienced. Tara will have a panel on Saturday morning to show you how to sign up for free access. You do not need to have a premium membership to play, and it only takes one(1) premium member in a group to set up any of the premium games.

Video Gaming

Video games are being hosted through DemiCon this year, both for those who enjoy playing and those who simply prefer spectating. Those interested in playing in a scheduled session should secure their own copy of the planned game through a virtual storefront, and then check in at our Discord on the #gaming-videogames channel. Specifics on participating will be posted in the channel shortly before the panels start time. Those interested in being an audience to the games can also view the action during play at

Music Room

This year, once again we have a wonderful slate of artists returning to the music “room” for DemiCon. Old favorites that have been with us for years as well as some new faces we first had join us last year. We have several acts joining us that couldn’t normally join us due to travel, from locations from coast to coast, and in multiple (well, 2) countries. The music “room” may utilize Facebook “live”, Twitch, Zoom or other streaming mechanisms to give you that live “in person” sound experience. Join in on the fun!

This year’s convention will have live performances from not 1, not 2, BUT 9 musical artists and groups!   

Bryan Baker, Faithful Sidekicks, Orckes & Trolles, Kraken Not Stirred, Random Fractions, Beth Kinderman & The Player Characters, CW Smith, Cheshire Moon, Madison Metricula Roberts

Room Parties on the 5th Floor

You can’t have DemiCon without room parties!

If you are new to DemiCon, you might not know what a room party is. On Friday and Saturday nights of the con, some of our attendees will host their own fandom inspired parties. DemiCon will be virtual this year, so our room parties will be virtual as well.

Information for Party Hosts

Discord channels for parties will be provided on the Des Moines Science Fiction & Fantasy server.   Join our Discord by using the following link:  Parties can be video, audio, or text.

If you would like to host a room party via Zoom, you will need to have your own Zoom account. You can also set up your party via Facebook, or other social media. Please provide us with the link for your party meeting, and we’ll add it to the schedule on the Demicon website.

If you would like to host a room party, please complete the room party sign-up form.


The legal drinking age in Iowa is 21. This means that your birthday must be on or before April 30, 2000, in order for you to consume alcohol.  Minors caught with alcohol or adults caught serving alcohol to minors need to be aware of the consequences of their actions.  Please drink responsibly and act accordingly.

If you have any issues, questions or concerns during your party, please contact the Room Party department or ConCom right away.

*Updated 02/28/2021