Sweded Movie Trailer Contest

These are your rules:

  1. Entries are to be in the style of movie trailers (not entire short movies), 1 minute to 3 minutes in length.
  2. Entries are to parody/mimic a trailer for a science fiction, fantasy, superhero, or horror movie. This is to be done without the use of professional costuming or special effects. The more low-budget, the better!!
  3. Sticking with the DC32 theme, your movie trailer has to have an element of this year’s convention theme (manga, graphic novel, comics, animation).
  4. All entries must be original work by the person(s) submitting the entry.
  5. Entries must meet the criteria for previews approved for General Audiences.
  6. Credits are not to be on the video entered. (This is a blind judging). When submitting entries, provide all credit information in an e-mail..
  7. If an entry wins a prize, the prize will go to all individuals identified as Entrants, so be sure to specify Entrants in addition to any credit information in the submission e-mail.
  8. A panel of local experts will judge the entries before DemiCon 32. Judging will be based on entertainment value, successful parody/homage to the movie’s genre, being low- (or no-) budget, and creativity. (E.g., does the trailer make a good “advertisement” for the movie?) Judges’ Choice and Fans’ Choice are to be awarded. (Fans’ Choice will be voted on during the showing at DemiCon 32.)
  9. A maximum of three entries per person/group is permitted. All entries must be made separately.
  10. Entries must be in MP4 format. Files are to be no larger than 500 MB.
  11. Entries will be shown at DemiCon 32, possibly on the DemiCon Channel.
  12. Deadline for entries is April 18, 2021 at 11:59 pm. A confirmation will be sent when the entry is received.
  13. Submit finished entries and any questions to Robert Uy at scrooge313@aol.com. You may send a link to the file on Google Drive or Dropbox.

This video contest is about having fun, trying something new in an encouraging environment, and exploring creativity. In other words, no experience necessary! So get your cell phones charged up and start filming.

If you are not sure what a Sweded Movie Trailer is, “Be Kind Rewind” is a great movie to see for ideas. YouTube is also a good source for Sweded trailers. Good luck filmmakers!