Music Room

This year, once again we have a wonderful slate of artists returning to the music “room” for DemiCon. Old favorites that have been with us for years as well as some new faces we first had join us last year. We have several acts joining us that couldn’t normally join us due to travel, from locations from coast to coast, and in multiple (well, 2) countries. The music “room” may utilize Facebook “live”, Twitch, Zoom or other streaming mechanisms to give you that live “in person” sound experience. Join in on the fun!

This year’s convention will have live performances from not 1, not 2, BUT 9 musical artists and groups!   

Bryan Baker, Faithful Sidekicks, Orckes & Trolles, Kraken Not Stirred, Random Fractions, Beth Kinderman & The Player Characters, CW Smith, Cheshire Moon, Madison Metricula Roberts