Live Action Role Play (LARP)

Cartoon Chaos Conundrum!

 A bear is about to steal a pic-a-nic basket, a blue-and-yellow van pulls up to a haunted house, the big game starts at monster High School and then Crikey— we’re all next to Skull Castle?   And is that Mifune Motors behind those kids with the monkey? Why is that truck asking about Energon? 

A LARP is a live-action roleplay where you get to pretend to be someone else for a while- it can actually be quite fun and relaxing.     Sort of like dressing up for Halloween but without the costume.    This LARP will be done via zoom so a location, area or map will be described or shown to you and your group will get to interact with the environment or other players to solve a puzzle or to compete in an event.

In this particular LARP you’ll solve the mystery of what or how or maybe even why these cartoon characters were all brought together to the same place at the same point in time. Find your way back to your own cartoon, or make friends and find a better cartoon in which in inhabit. But first you’ll have to survive – what is waiting for you out there?   Rocket Team’s cat? A hunter with a lisp? An attack by Vulture Squadron? 

This is a wacky cartoon oriented LARP where characters will have to work to solve puzzles and to survive on to the next challenge.  So register in advance for the Cartoon Chaos and join toons for a fun, mixed world adventure where you will never be sure what is going to happen next.