Lip Sync Competition

In this fun and zany competition, you will supply all the voices for a short animated cartoon.  The actual voices have been mostly removed and replaced with blank audio and a subtitle.  Read the subtitle back in the rhythm and in a specific vocal style for each character.  The cartoon is a shorted form of the classic cartoon “Cheese Burglar” and you will be supplying the voices of the three main characters: Herman- the mouse (a savvy 40’s style street mouse), along with a House Cat and a House Dog.  The Cat and the Dog are friends and are trying to keep the mouse away from the cheese in the icebox.  Be forewarned,  this clip is PG13 and includes the social norms of the United States in the 40’s so there is some violence, drinking along with a bit of dark humor so Parental Guidance is suggested.

To enter the competition, download the cartoon from the Lip Sync folder on the DMSFFS Discord Server.    Play the cartoon back starting from the beginning of the clip on your computer and record yourself supplying the cartoon voices possibly with your phone.    Make sure and create three voices that are distinct from each other and also see if you can match the lip movement of the character to what you are saying.   It is actually a little tricky- especially with the vocalizations.  The subtitles will appear about 1/2 to 1/4 second before the start of the character’s next dialogue.   Be as whimsical with the character voices as you want as it is a cartoon after all.    You may want to practice a little before recording.   

Once you are through recording, upload your entry to the DMSFFS Discord Server in the Lip Sync folder with your name as the title of the file.    One entry per person.   Winners will be judged for characterization, cartoon style and ability to sync with the lips of the cartoon characters and will be announced near the end of DemiCon 32.  There may even be prizes or at least certificates or ribbons that you might be able to pick up at the next DemiCon.

Thanks for entering the Lip Sync Competition and have fun trying out your zany cartoon voices.