Host a Room Party

Room Party Sign up for DemiCon 32 has closed. Check back to our website during the convention weekend for information regarding the fabulous parties and going’s on!

Information for Party Hosts

Discord channels for parties will be provided on the Des Moines Science Fiction & Fantasy server.   Join our Discord by using the following link:  Parties can be video, audio, or text.

If you would like to host a room party via Zoom, you will need to have your own Zoom account. You can also set up your party via Facebook, or other social media. Please provide us with the link for your party meeting, and we’ll add it to the schedule on the Demicon website.


The legal drinking age in Iowa is 21. This means that your birthday must be on or before April 30, 2000, in order for you to consume alcohol.  Minors caught with alcohol or adults caught serving alcohol to minors need to be aware of the consequences of their actions.  Please drink responsibly and act accordingly.

If you have any issues, questions or concerns during your party, please contact the Room Party department or ConCom right away.

*Updated 04/29/2021