Gaming Rooms

If you are interested in being a game master or hosting a game, or if you have any other questions about gaming, please contact or complete the game master sign-up form.


DemiCon Boardgaming is virtual this year! Join your fellow DemiCon attendees on BoardGameArena, Steam, and Mobile to play games together! Please see the pinned post in the DMSFFS Discord channel #gamer-online-names to find your friends’ gamer tags and add your own. Discord chat is used so you can talk to each other while playing. Visit Discord channel #gaming-boardgames to organize plays. Various #Gaming Rooms will be available throughout DemiCon. Please see the pinned chat room schedule in our channel #gaming-boardgames to determine which #Gaming Rooms are assigned at a given time, or to reserve one for your group. 

Boardgame Arena is a free-to-play website that allows you to play a wide range of boardgames virtually. This will be one of the ways this weekend that boardgames will be experienced. Tara will have a panel on Saturday morning to show you how to sign up for free access. You do not need to have a premium membership to play, and it only takes one(1) premium member in a group to set up any of the premium games.

Video Gaming

Video games are being hosted through DemiCon this year, both for those who enjoy playing and those who simply prefer spectating. Those interested in playing in a scheduled session should secure their own copy of the planned game through a virtual storefront, and then check in at our Discord on the #gaming-videogames channel. Specifics on participating will be posted in the channel shortly before the panels start time. Those interested in being an audience to the games can also view the action during play at