Fan Guest Orlando Winters

Hello and Welcome to Demicon 32!  Virtually speaking in the year 2021; the year we all get back in the game.  Hopefully many of you attending the convention this year will remember me from my time working at the Fantasy Game Shop for one of our local Icons of gaming, Ivor Rogers. 

Like many of us in our comfy, geeky community I have been a longtime enthusiast of Japanese Anime and American Animation.  In 2000 I transformed that enthusiasm into Odyssey Anime which sold DvD’s and had a presence at conventions around the Midwest including Anime Iowa.

Old nerds never leave the game, they just re-roll.  Happily I am now a part of Total Party Kill Games!   Managing our ever expanding convention presence and contributing to the content of unique Dungeons and Dragons adventures, source materials, dice and accessories.

I am incredibly grateful to Demicon for inviting me to be a guest and I am looking forward to hosting discussions of times gone by and adventures to come with you all!

Thank You

Orlando Winters