DemiCon 32 Covid Statement

Good news regarding the Covid-19 vaccine and its availability is continuing to be released. In early January, Polk County (home to Iowa’s capitol city Des Moines – the home base of Demicon) released a tentative timely for the vaccine distribution estimating the general public vaccination stage to start in mid to late 2021.

Health and safety are always foremost on our mind. While we are still a little over ninety days away from DemiCon weekend we have made the difficult decision to no longer hold an in person DemiCon 32.

2020’s Demicon 31 helped our organization build a strong foundation for a virtual convention – and we are excited to bring you a bigger and better convention this year.  Expect more information in the next days and weeks.

We also recognize that many small businesses and artists depend on conventions for a substantial portion of their annual income and they are being especially impacted by this and other cancellations. We are working with our artist and dealers to ensure they are an integral part of our convention.

For our attendees, we will transfer all convention memberships to DemiCon 33 where we will return with a bigger and better convention than ever before. If you would like a refund instead, please use the below form and we will refund the cost of your convention membership.

All conventions have upfront costs associated with them. Please also consider using the below form to convert your membership into a one-time donation instead of transferring it to DemiCon 33. 

If you would like to support our organization and our mission, we are accepting donations. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization any donation you make is tax deductible. You can make donations through our Square site ( or by sending a check to Des Moines Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, PO Box 7572, Des Moines, IA 50323-7572.

The hotel will not be automatically cancelling reservations. If you made a reservation, please contact the Holiday Inn Northwest at (515) 278-4755 to cancel.

We will miss seeing all of you April 30 – May 2 but encourage everyone to join us for our other events and gatherings throughout the year. The Des Moines Science Fiction and Fantasy Society meets every month on the second and fourth Friday.

In addition, we host mini convention-like events on Labor Day weekend and around New Years. Both of those events are free to attend. We also have our DemiCon Lite events throughout the year that center around workshops and other educational topics.

Visit for a full list of our upcoming activities.

For more information join us on Facebook ( or check our website ( If you have any questions or concerns, please contact or

Refund Request Form