Some of the important upcoming deadlines!

Virtual Art Show

We are hosting a Virtual Art Show! Artists can showcase samples of their art along with information about their web store or website so that DemiCon attendees can make purchases. Virtual Art Show deadline is April 8.

Creative Manga/Writing Contest

We are doing a new twist on the creative writing and poetry contests this year and making it a Creative Manga/Comic Writing Contest. This is NOT an art contest so don’t worry if you don’t personally consider yourself much of an artist. Check out the contest post for more information, including some templates to get you started. Submissions deadline is April 15.


We are excited to have four different options for costumers to submit their works.

  • Classic Mainstage-Style Showcase
  • Works in progress
  • Concept Sketches
  • Documentation Packets

More information is available in our Masquerade and Cosplay Competition post. Deadline for submissions is April 16.

Sweded Movie Trailer Contest

Always a fan favorite, we are still doing the Sweded Movie Trailer Contest this year. Deadline is April 18.