Art Show

The DemiCon Art Show is open to all interested artists and allows artists to share their work with our attendees while simultaneously promoting Fantasy and Science Fiction art by helping artists to display and sell their work.

Virtual Art Show

With this year’s convention being virtual, the format of our Art show is going to look a bit different.    But here at Demicon we strive to bring you the best content possible regardless of the circumstances.   In 2021, our art show will be posted directly to the main page of our website – which will give you access to all the great pieces and artists and in person convention would have – without the hassle of bag checks and limited hours.

Our page will list the artist, a description of their creations, images of the artists work, as well as links to the artists online store – so that you can purchase the artist’s masterpieces, directory from the creator!

Sign up to be in the Art show

If you would like to submit any of your works to be presented in this years Art show, please use the link below to complete our sign-up form.   Replacing the normal commission and hanging fees (of an in-person Art show) will be a small 1-time submission fee, and an optional watermarking fee for each of the pieces you are submitting.   Once your form submission is received, our team will reach out to you to confirm the submission details, handle the fees and make sure your artwork is posted directly to our website.

Art Show Sign Up

If you have questions, please contact