DemiCon 31 Legion of DemiCon “CONtaminated Online Convention This Weekend – May 1 through May 3, 2020

Virtual DemiCon 31 is Almost Here & It’s Free!

Join the Des Moines Science Fiction & Fantasy Society for a free weekend at DemiCon 31 as DMSFFS goes virtual. We may have had to cancel the physical DemiCon but DMSFFS still plans to have fun while social distancing.  Get a taste of what DemiCon is known for in your own home.

The con officially starts at 5pm Friday with a Zoom meeting entitled Welcome to Your First Virtual DemiCon (although the true official kickoff is at opening ceremonies which is 7pm Friday night) and final wrap up is at closing ceremonies on Sunday at 3pm. 

If you need to contact someone in charge during the con, you will be able to do so via email to, Facebook or Discord. More details will be provided on the website very soon.


Hashtag everything you post online that is family friendly to let everyone attending know about the fun that you are having.  Post #DemiCon31 as well as what event you attending or doing.  There are some events that ask for particular hashtags and those will be noted. Thanks for sharing the fun across all sorts of platforms.  

Where Will we Find DemiCon 31 Online?

Entry point for the con is at right here at   The entry point is not live at this particular moment as DMSFFS locks down the last few things but the latest information will be up on Friday morning.  Probably sooner than that but DMSFFS wants to work out the final few bugs before going live.  Well- most of the bugs anyway.

Still time for Costumers to be be Part of DemiCon 31: Legion of DemiCon – CONTAMINATED Online Convention

The DemiCon Channel is taking over a very small corner of YouTube and DMSFFS wants you to share your costume that would have been worn at DemiCon. It can be a hall costume or one that would have been in the masquerade. If were were planning to wear more than one, please share any or all of them. 


  • The people connected with DemiCon know a lot of you have completed or almost finished costumes for DemiCon and the DemiCon Channel staff wants you to show them off in a virtual cosplay. Send picture(s)/images or a short 10-15 second video of you in your costume via the information below. Due date is Thursday, April 30, 2020. The people connected with DemiCon know how costumers some times like to do things at the last minute.

Guidelines for YouTube Cosplay –

  • Video/picture needs to be G, PG, or PG-13
  • Include your name and name of your costume.
  • The DemiCon Channel producer and video production staff have the right to edit or not use a video or image if the guidelines are not met or if the video/image is lost or mangled in transit.

Format for the DemiCon Channel (DC31) YouTube:

  • Prefer .mov or .mp4 formats.
  • Can be 4:3 or 16:9.
  • Can be HD 1080/60i or SD 480/60i or variations on that.
  • Standard audio formats and bit rate.

If you don’t understand the above format- you can record with a phone or tablet and it should be fine. Shoot in a landscape style (and not vertically) as that is the style which is normally shown on YouTube. DemiCon Channel production staff may add title and credits to the video (if they are not already present) so let us know what you would like those to be.
Prefer upload your video via WeTransfer (app or and share it with or but the DemiCon Channel staff (Joe) can also download from most cloud servers like and icloud. Again just send a link to or DemiCon Channel staff does not encourage direct video from an email as it normally bounces or Facebook messenger but Joe will work with the technologically challenged.  

DemiCon Schedule Via Each App

DMSFFS is using a wide range of social media and meeting apps that will allow us to hopefully meet everyone’s needs during this time. All are free to download except Netflix Party which will be explained down below. This is the latest schedule as of this time. Items may be added, altered, the times may be changed or be removed by the time DemiCon 31 rolls around. 

Facebook Live

  • The musicians of DemiCon will be using this format to have mini-concerts from their homes to share with you all.  You will need a Facebook account to watch these items.
    • Friday Night –
      • Bryan Baker 8 pm
      • Dave Stagner 9 pm
      • Faithful Sidekicks 10 pm
    •  Saturday
      • Aubryn 12 pm
      • Rhiannon’s Lark 1 pm
      • CW Smith 2 pm
      • Beth Kinderman 3 pm
      • Cheshire Moon 4 pm
      • Cathy McManamon 5 pm
      • Blibbering Humdingers 7 pm 
      • David Tyberg 8 pm
      • Madison Metricula Roberts 9 pm
      • Kraken Not Stirred 10 pm


  • Get a little gaming with Jackbox on Twitch. Games lead by Tal Roth our Gaming Department Lead. To join in the fun watch on the Twitch DMSFFS channel and use your smart phone to provide answers.
    • Friday 8 pm – Jackbox 3
    • Saturday 10 am – Jackbox 4
    • Saturday 2 pm – Jackbox 5
    • Saturday 7 pm – Jackbox 6
    • Sunday 11 am – watch  Left 4 Dead 2


  • Used for chats and contact during the Convention.  Discord is used by the gamer community a lot.


  • There will be some extra steps to participate with Zoom as you need to prove that you are a human- sorry R2D2.  This will be explained at the DemiCon website. There will be a password provided to attend the Zoom meetings. You can use your computer with the link provided or the free app with the meeting ID that will be listed on the final schedule here on the DemiCon Website. Go to if you would like to officially sign in to Zoom but that is not always necessary.   All meetings/panels are 50 minutes unless specially noted. There are also a couple more rules for attending a Zoom panel. Special thanks to New Renaissance Video for the use of their Zoom account for these weekend meetings. 
    • Friday 5 pm –  Welcome to Your First Virtual DemiCon – hosted by Amanda Arthur-Struss
    • Friday 7 pm – Opening Ceremonies
    • Friday 9 pm –  The Smooth History and Explanation – hosted by Sheril harper
    • Saturday 9 am –  DemiCon in the Morning – hosted Amanda Alexander
    • Saturday 10 am –  Girls Just Wanna Write Sci-Fi – hosted GOH Lettie Prell
    • Saturday 12 pm –  Doctor Who Discussion – hosted by Lars Pearson & Jim Boyd
    • Saturday 1 pm – Meet GOH David Lee Pancake
    • Saturday 3 pm –  World of Interactive Fiction – hosted by Dan Heck
    • Saturday 4 pm to 6 pm –   Virtual LARP – Must preregister to participate.  Registration information will be on the website. (Goofy Criminal LARP.) 
    • Saturday 8 to 10-ish pm –  Dance Party – hosted DJ Mega Gun
    • Sunday 11 am – Chat and Craft – hosted by Judy Zajec
    • Sunday 1 pm – DMSFFS Meeting – hosted by DMSFFS Board
    • Sunday 2 pm –  Talk Books with DAGOBAH – hosted by members of DAGOBAH
    • Sunday 3 pm – Closing Ceremonies
  • Please note:  Our Zoom meeting only allow 100 people to attend. DMSFFS doesn’t have any real idea what to expect in terms of turnout as this whole weekend is an experiment. DMSFFS does plan to record certain Zoom meetings (if given permission by the panelist) and placing them on YouTube during the weekend.  Also realize that Zoom meetings are hosted and recorded on the same computer that will also be posting them to YouTube so don’t expect them to get uploaded right away.


  • The DemiCon Channel will head toward YouTube this time around.  See performances of the past as well as the creative weirdness that the Channel is known for.  Many people have sent some wonderful videos into the DemiCon channel this year – panels, author readings, dance routines.  Our evil YouTube hosts will take you along for one wild journey. You’ll find all the details here on this website.  
    • During the weekend videos from all aspects of DemiCon will be released at certain times. So more content will Premiere as if you were actual attending DemiCon-like panels. Once a video Premieres then it will stay live to view for the rest of the convention.  More videos will Premiere daily and you can check our channel now to see what is out there. Each video says when they will premiere and there is a chat area so you can talk before the actual premiere date and time.  Who knows?  An author or GOH or Content Creator might even chat with you before a Premiere.
    • FYI after DemiCon 31 weekend ends- many of the videos will disappear as well. It’s evil!

Netflix Party

  • Join in and watch Netflix together while using chat on the side to make comments.  This is the one area that is not free in that you need a Netflix account (not free) and Chrome (which is free) on your computer.  
    • Steps 1 – Download
    • Step 2 – Open netflix with Chrome.  Type in the URL given for the party.  This will probably not work with a copy and paste from another device.
    • Need more details. Watch this video.
    • You will need to preregister to attend and there is a special form on the main con web page.  The hosts will get your email and 15 minutes before the Netflix party they will send out the link to attend.
    • You will be able to chat along side everyone else at the “party” as you watch the movie
  • Friday 8:30 pm –  Netflix Party of “Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse” – hosted by Toastmaster Mitch Thompson
  • Saturday 2 pm – Mary & the Witch’s Flower – hosted by Samantha Hackett
  • Saturday 4 pm – Bleach (2-3 anime episodes) – hosted by Samantha Hackett
  • Saturday 6 pm – Bleach live action – hosted by Samantha Hackett


  • Follow us @demicondm as the Con Staff will be posting during the weekend with photos from the past.  If you have a DemiCon photo from the past you want to share that is G or PG and want us to use that photo, please send it to with an explanation of what the event was and which DemiCon it belongs to in the space/time continuum.  The description will probably be used in the label section.


  • Follow us @demicondm as the Con Staff posts updates and other tidbits.

Adventures for Your Family and Friends

We also have physical activities that attendees can participate in which have a virtual twist.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt 

Here are the rules and what is planned so join in on the fun. Also everyone can vote on their favorites so if you don’t join in on the fun by doing the scavenger hunt you can help DemiCon choose the fan favorites. 

***MANDATORY PHOTO*** Team selfie with #[team name] to participate (or team photo collage if your team isn’t all at the same location). Remember: at least one of your team members needs to be in the photo with the listed item. Vote on your favorite clue pictures by clicking on a ‘like/love/laugh’ option on the submitted clue picture! Voting will end Sunday at 1:00pm so we can tally the votes and announce the winners during virtual closing ceremonies on Sunday.
Each post MUST contain #[your team name] AND #[clue number], AND #DemiCon31.

This year’s virtual scavenger hunt takes place the Saturday of DemiCon only, starting at 8 am and ending at 11:59 pm. To participate, one person in your group will need a Facebook account to join in on the fun and a smart phone that takes pictures. The Virtual Scavenger Hunt official list will be posted on our Scavenger Hunt Facebook page at 8:00am Saturday morning. Vote on your favorite clue pictures by clicking on a ‘like/love/laugh’ option on the submitted clue image! Voting will end at 1:00pm on Sunday so we can tally the votes.

1. Go to and become part of the group. You will be added by a member of DemiCon. Please remember we need sleep, too, so don’t expect to get added at 2:00 in the morning. Nothing happens before our morning coffee!
2. Come up with an awesome team name for your group. Take a selfie picture, an ‘usie’ (group selfie) of your whole team, or a photo collage of your teammates if they are not all at the same location. Upload that picture with your #[TeamName] on the Scavenger Hunt Facebook page:
3. The clue list will be posted at 8:00am the Saturday morning of DemiCon on the Scavenger Hunt Facebook page.
4. Take pictures with a smart phone on Saturday. At least one of the team members must be in each picture with each clue answer. Can be a different team member or more than one.
5. Upload pictures online at
6. Put your team’s name and clue number with your pictures when uploading and use #DemiCon31 to share. Example – Put in description: #TeamZ #2 #DemiCon31.
7. Keep pictures PG. This Facebook group is open to all. Those are photos that will not be removed from the group page.
8. All pictures MUST be uploaded by 11:59 pm Saturday night.

At the virtual closing ceremonies, the teams who completed the Scavenger Hunt will be named as new Legion of DemiCon members. The most ‘liked/loved/laughed’ photos will be named as Legion of DemiCon Favorites. Have fun!

*Photo/Video Disclaimer

Photos are intended for use only as promotional materials to appear in print, television, DemiCon Channel, Internet advertising, the Paradox publication, and publicity, including video.

DemiCon members (virtual attendees) should give the courtesy of asking the subject’s permission before taking a photograph of that person.

Pictures taken and put up on the Facebook DemiCon Scavenger Hunt group will only be used in connection to the scavenger hunt group unless permission is received from the photographer and team to use in another way connected to DemiCon.

Flat Tadao, Bill, James and Baby Yoda

DemiCon 31 invites family friends and those young at heart to join in taking one or all of these character out on adventures.

Color the character(s) of choice and cut out along the dotted lines. Take the picture out on adventures in your house or on your exercise walks. Photos are a must and you should share them on social media with all of DemiCon. Please keep photos G and PG so all ages can enjoy the photos. #DemiCon31

Flat Tadao – Tadao Tomomatsu is an actor, instructor, and science fiction personality living in the Los Angeles, California area and one of our most beloved Toastmasters.  Unfortunately Tadao can’t join us right now but that does not stop DMSFFS from sharing our love for him. #FlatTadao

Flat Bill – Bill Nye is an American science educator and mechanical engineer best known for hosting the television program Bill Nye the Science Guy. DMSFFS Loves Bill and science. DemiCon 31 invites your family, friends and those young at heart to join this fun activity in taking Flat Bill out on an adventure.  #FlatBill

Flat James – James Koro is a Trans-Iowa Canal Company honorary acting member though he is known for his parts in movies where you never see his face. Wait… you never see his face… does this guy really exist or is he just so good at his job we don’t even know what he looks like? #FlatJames

Flat Baby Yoda – Baby Yoda is 100% cuteness and he gets to go on an adventure with you! #FlatBabyYoda

Social Media

Fan Tables

DemiCon will have virtual fan tables on Saturday where you can follow a link to learn about certain organizations and groups from the members themselves.  If you have a fan group that wants to run a fan table- DMSFFS needs to know by Wednesday, April 29 so you can be added. Email

  • Name of organization
  • A couple lines about your organization
  • The link on what social meeting/media that you will be meeting people on 
  • You time that you will be meeting people. This will happening Saturday morning and afternoon May 2.
  • With all that info-  DemiCon will add you to the list.

Those signed up already

  • BrassGears Adventurer’s Society
  • The Dealt Hand
  • SCA