Fan Guests of Honor Dana Hinterleitner and Bruce Hinterleitner

picture of dana and bruce hinterleitner

Dana and Bruce Hinterleitner are shocked and thrilled on being chosen as DemiCon’s Fan Guests of Honor. Generally, Bruce is responsible for us being banned and not recognized. “Hey hon, if you’re talking about the Cheez Whiz incident that was hardly my fault. Anyway, I’m much better now.”

Regardless, they have been attending, teaching, partying, and costuming at a large variety of conventions for a very long time. I mean we’re talking decades.

Both have received multiple costuming awards together and individually for their costuming art including awards for Best in Show for Workmanship and Presentation.

Finally, they were responsible for the ten foot tall Flamingo at DemiCon in 2018. “Hey did I mention I’m much better now?”