DemiCon will feature scheduled and open gaming events and the gaming room will be available throughout the entire convention.

  • We are looking for Game Masters to run games at the convention. If you'd like to schedule a game for convention attendees, please contact us at and be sure to include the system, number of players, and the skill level needed.
  • Various board games and card games will be available for anyone to play in the gaming room. You are welcome to bring your own games and setup in the gaming room and the convention will be full of 'volunteers' to fill your table. Donations of new games are always appreciated. Spontaneous games of Dalmuti, Munchkin or Mah Jongg have been known to occur. Come and join in the fun!
  • DemiCon will also feature a short Live Action Role Playing event this year! The LARP will run in a single 4-5 hour slot so you don't need to be in character while sitting in programming events or trying sing a filk song.

"Pirates of Providence" LARP Information

Pirate gold, Rum, Parrots plus three men on a Dead Man's Chest equals one Dark Mystery...

Avast, ye scum- join "The Pirates of Providence" Live Action Roleplay from 1-5pm on Saturday at DemiCon. Here is what you need to know...

Last month, June of 1705, Captain Morgan, with 10 ships crewed by 1,000 buccaneers, attacked the island city of Providence. Two weeks later, around 10 bells on a Tuesday night, his flagship mysteriously exploded, taking untold treasure to the bottom of the bay. Captain Morgan is missing and presumed dead.

In the two weeks since then, many of the bucanneers have wandered off. Privateers, returning merchants, guards, the soon-to-be ex-governor and other unsavory characters have been in an uneasy truce. A reliable rumor has it that England has sent a fleet, arriving three months from now, to restore order and appoint a new governor and mayor.

Can the gold of Captain Morgan be recovered? Who did it? Who will be the next "Prince of Bucaneers"? Is Morgan even really dead? Who can talk the English into a job and who will simply swing? And, most importantly- where did the townies hide the rum? Find out all this and more at the DemiCon "Pirates of Providence" LARP.

Once you are pre-registered for DemiCon, you can pre-register for "The Pirates of Providence" by sending an e-mail to

On your note, please list the type(s) of character that you would prefer to play in the LARP be that of: Merchant, Guard, Sailor, Sea Specialist (such as a: Captain, Navigator, Parrot Handler), Townsmen or Odd Interloper (such as a: Ex-Governor, Dandy, Sea Witch) plus whether you would prefer a simpler or more complex character. We will try and fit you in the general category of your choosing but that is not guaranteed.

The plan is for complete roleplay character and game information to be available at the start of the convention with general character information and roleplay introductory information to be e-mailed out a few days in front of the con.

So, come one- come all- me hearties. If you're worth your salt, we got the game for ye.

Be sure to check back soon for a complete schedule!