Dealer's Room

Welcome to the Dealer's Room, me matey!

Once again we will have plenty of dealers selling a vast assortment of riches and treasures for your pockets! With the Dealer's Room opening for business at 2:00 p.m. on Opening Day (Friday, May 12, 2010), we expect there to be much for all ye buckos (aka "you fans") who are eager to buy. So remember your Doubloons (aka money), and come dig up a treasure to take home with ye!

Official Dealer's List - as of March 19, 2010
Emerald's EmporiumFairie fossils, gaming, greeting cards, Windstone, cool fantasy stuff!
Jupiter Gardens, LLCIncense, books (young adult, romance, and nonfiction, along with our children's picture book), and artwork from Aldeberon Valley Creations
Glen CookBooks
Mohr CreationsHand Made jewelry, bookmarks, wall art and original webcomic books
Mystik WabooseFine Clothing and Accessories
Sams Dot PublishingPersonally Published Books
Stephen Zimmer, Author and FilmmakerBooks, DVDs, and other items related to Stephen Zimmer's work
Wandering MailSteve Todd and his Pliers of Doom
White Hawk Pressbooks (science fiction/fantasy, poetry, literary biography and miscellanea)
Ziggy's Westblades, books, and baubles

If you are a dealer that has paid for tables and are not on this list - immediately contact