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Tadao Tomomatsu at work Toastmastering

Tadao hard at work, Toastmastering

The Many Faces of Tadao #1

The Many Faces of Tadao #2

The Many Faces of Tadao #3

The Many Faces of Tadao #3

Tadao Tomomatsu (aka TNT or Uncle Albert) is a local celebrity within the Los Angeles science fiction community. He is also an actor, comedian, and a general all-around good guy. Recently he was pleased as punch to be a guest star as Detective Furakowa on NBC's Heroes. Was that his profile in the comic book?

He was born in Texas on a date which is a close kept secret, but his age is suspected to be within the range of 25-85. However, he grew up in the midwest in an area which could boast few Asian heritage inhabitants. As self-defense against being signaled out in a negative way, Tadao developed a quick sense of humor and a wide range of voices. Ask him to do his John Wayne and you'll never be the same. This ability soon led to his participation in theater productions and the discovery of a love for the field of entertainment.

The son of a preeminent food scientist, he was encouraged to continue his academic career which resulted in his attaining a Bachelor´s in the Communication Studies from the University of Iowa. During these early years, he was employed as a Chicago DJ as well as in several other eclectic jobs. In college, he became an active participant in Mid-Western Fandom.

In recognition of his involvement in Mid-Western fandom and because he´s so much fun, he has been a Fan Guest of Honor and Toastmaster at both Icon and Demicon. Following his history in the Midwest, he moved to the West Coast in 1992 in order to take on a production assistant position for the then-new series Friends.

The following years saw his active involvement in many aspects of the entertainment business (see his resume). It also saw his slow increasing involvement in local science fiction fandom in the forms of both the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS).

In 1999 he became involved with the world´s first internet 24/7 broadcasting station, CyberRadio.

More recently, he had become a Lead Actor in USA Network´s Banzai Movie Friday and Banzai TV United Kingdom as Mr. Shake-Hand´s Man and has been parodied by TICC as Mr. Grabs Crotch Man.

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Tadao Tomomatsu