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DemiCon 18: May 18-20, 2007

We would like to welcome our guests to DemiCon 18.

  • Our Author Guest of Honor is Catherine Asaro, Hugo and Nebula award nominee of the Skolian Empire series.

  • Dragon fen unite to welcome Theresa Mather, her pictures will have us all breathing fire, but we'll be careful to not burn down the Art Show.

  • Our Media Guest of Honor is James Koro, He has had parts in several Science Fiction TV series.

  • Our Fan Guest of Honor is Steve "Wookie" Houle, He has been DemiCon's masquerade photographer for several years; he has had walk-in parts in TICC-West© he's always quick to help if you ask. He's a local lad gone to New York that we all love.

  • Toastmaster Emeritus: Rusty Hevelin is a founding member of DemiCon and is a favorite personality with con-attendees across the nation. To us, he is just the greatest guy alive.

  • As Toastmaster and Comedy Relief we once again invite our hero - Tadao Tomomatsu.

Other noted individuals that have let us know that they will be joining us are:


Rob Chilson
(Analog and Homer Awards)

Samuel Travis Clemmons
(writing / storytelling)

Ruth Souther
(Immortal Journey series)

Adam Stemple
(Pay the Piper and Singer of Souls)

Tee Morris
(Legacy of Morevi)

Cynthia Williams
(Beast of Awakening)


John Garner
(GoH previous Icon)

Denise Garner
(GoH previous Icon)

Erin McKee
(GoH previous DemiCon)

Elaine Cason

Mike Cole
(GoH previous DemiCon)

Sara Butcher

Bill Hodgson
(GoH previous DemiCon)


The great Luke Ski,
(Dr. Demento Favorite)
(Contemporary Filk)

Adam Stemple

Flatland Ramblers

Howlin' Beagle (aka Daniel Gunderson)
(Modern Folk and Rock)

Ka Klick Martin (aka Bryan Baker)
(Modern Folk and Rock)

Orckes and Trolles
(Madcap Filk)

Samuel Travis Clemmons
(performing / directing)

Eric Coleman

Prior to the convention, this was a form allowing you to contact the appropriate department head.
If you wish to contact the Des Moines Science Fiction Society, please email
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