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Guest of Honor - Steve (Wookie) Houle

DemiCon 18: May 18-20, 2007

Guest Steve (Wookie) Houle

Wookie’s real name is Steve Houle, and vice versa. Basically, he’s just this guy, you know?

Steve was born in Minneapolis, and he grew up mostly in Des Moines. In the early 90’s he had made up his mind to volunteer himself for DemiCon ConCom, but he escaped to New York just in time to avoid that.

Wookie only expected to live in New York for a year or two. As a good Midwesterner, he hated New York, but he got into the swing of things by the time he’d killed and eaten his first tourist. He lives there still, almost 15 years later.

The short version of how Steve came to be nicknamed “Wookie” is that he was tall and furry in a time when Star Wars was pervasive in American culture. For the long version, ask him. He’ll either tell you the real story or make up something entertaining.

Our Fan Guest of Honor has been working in various computer-related jobs for most of his adult life. The closest he could come to his current job description is System Integrator. He says to ask him what he does for a living if you need help getting to sleep.

Wookie’s hobbies include photography, World of Warcraft, TiVo, gambling in Las Vegas, and proposing marriage to good massage therapists.

He has been nominated for Fan GoH for at least ten years. Usually, one of his dear friends has pointed out that we don’t have to pay him to come here and work for us: he’ll pay his own expenses. In spite of that, the club decided it was time to show our appreciation, and invite him.

His contributions have included working backstage and/or appearing on stage with TICC at DemiCon for over a decade. Wookie has also been our official photographer for TICC, the Hall Costume Contest, and the Formal Masquerade for about five years. This often involves spending most of the con in his room or in the ConSuite, working on the pictures instead of enjoying the convention. He has also been the photographer for Anime Iowa and the 2006 CostumeCon sponsored by the Des Moines Science Fiction Society. His most recent contribution has been providing information and snide comments for this biography.

Diane Dunlap

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