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Guest of Honor - Catherine Asaro

DemiCon 18: May 18-20, 2007

Guest Katherine Asaro

A fan favorite of romance and science fiction readers alike, Catherine Asaro has published nearly 20 novels. Many of her stories belong to her Saga of the Skolian Empire. The Triad duology, containing Schism and The Final Key serve as great starting points to this sweeping body of work. In 2001 her novel, The Quantum Rose, won a Nebula Award, and she’s won the Romantic Times Book Club award for “Best Science Fiction Novel” three times. Her work has also graced the pages of Analog, and she’s participated in several anthologies, including editing Irresistable Forces.

Born in Oakland, California, Catherine Asaro grew up in El Cerrito just north of Berkeley. She received a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics and a MA in physics, both from Harvard, and a BS with Highest Honors in Chemistry from UCLA. Her research has taken her from the University of Toronto to Germany, and she served as a physics professor until 1990 when she established Molecudyne Research, which she currently runs.

A woman of many talents, she’s also performed with ballets and musicals on both coasts and in Ohio. In the 1980’s she was principal dancer and artistic director at Mainly Jazz Dancers and the Harvard University Ballet. Her husband, John Kendall Cannizzo works as an astrophysicist with NASA. Together, they have one daughter, also a mathematician and a ballerina.

By Mary Winter

Bio available on Catherine Asaro’s website ( here)

  • Alpha (Baen Books, September, 2006)
  • The Final Key, Part Two of Triad (Tor Books, December 2006)
  • Schism, Part One of Triad (Tor Books, December, 2005)
  • The Misted Cliffs (Luna Books, July 2005)
  • Sunrise Alley (Baen Books, Books, August, 2004)*
  • The Charmed Sphere (Luna Books, February, 2004)
  • Skyfall (Tor Books, October, 2003)*
  • The Moon’s Shadow (Tor Books, March, 2003)*
  • Spherical Harmonic (Tor Books, December, 2001)*
  • The Quantum Rose (Tor Books, December, 2000)*
  • The Phoenix Code (Bantam Spectra Tor Books, November, 2000)
  • Ascendant Sun (Tor Books, March, 2000)*
  • The Veiled Web (Bantam Spectra, December, 1999)
  • The Radiant Seas (Tor Books, January, 1999)*
  • The Last Hawk (Tor Books, November, 1997)*
  • Catch the Lightning (Tor Books, December, 1996)*
  • Primary Inversion (Tor Books, March, 1995)*
  • * indicates that the book is part of the Skolian Empire Series

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