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Lyre-Faery by Janet Chui

Dwarf Lord by Janet Chui


DemiCon 17: July 28-30, 2006

Click on the following buttons to view the programming grids.
Please keep in mind that at this time the program grid is in constant flux. It will be locked down two weeks before the convention. There are a few more places for panels if you have one you would like to host, please email programming at or use the form below.

Programming Highlights

We are beginning to plan DemiCon 17's schedule. We have some old favorites and some new items planned. Here are a few highlights.

  • DemiCon 17 Blood Drive - In this 99th year after Heinlein's birth, DemiCon is pleased to have the Heinlein Society and The Blood Center of Central Iowa back for for another Blood Drive. The need for it continues to grow and this is our chance to "Pay it Forward". You can view the eligibility requirements or signup to donate at the Iowa Blood Center . You can also contact us at Signup will also be available at the convention.
  • Workshops and Limited Attendance Panels
    • Coffee Chat with Frederik Pohl: Enjoy coffee, muffins and conversation with our Author Guest of Honor, Frederik Pohl. Attendance is limited to 10 persons.
    • Animé Cell Painting: Spend 2 hours on this workshop painting your own Animé cel. Open to all ages. Attendance is limited to 15 persons.
    • Make Your Own Boffo Sword: Spend an hour in this workshop creating your own basic boffo sword. There is a $5 charge to participate for the supplies. Permission by parent/guardian must be given in writing in order for a con attendee under the age of 18 to participate in this panel. Attendance is limited to 15 persons.
    • Instant Masterpiece: In this day of Instant Messaging and instant coffee, we bring you an interactive artistic workshop. We will create several pieces of artwork to be sold at the art show. The proceeds will be donated to a charity to be named soon. If you're an aspiring artist, a doodler, or you can only draw stick people, come join an artist con favorite, Mike Cole, in creating a "masterpiece" of art. For all ages. Workshop is limited to 15 people.
    • Tarot Workshop: Zero is the Fool - Conception. You become the Fool and move through the next 21 cards of the Tarot Major Arcana in a journey of self-discovery. Find out how you do magic (1 - The Magician) to overcoming your greatest fears (21 - The Universe) and all the steps to 'Becoming' in between. Attendance is limited to 10 persons.
    • Stand Up Comedy 101 Class: Spend an hour learning the fine art of Stand Up Comedy with Tadao Tomomatsu. Bring paper and pen. Props are optional. Then try your new found skills at Venue D. (See Venue D section)
    You may register for a workshop using email by sending your name and the workshop(s) you want to participate in to: or use the form below. Sign up will also be available at the convention.
  • Venue D - Have you watched the entertainment on DemiCon's main stage and thought, I can do that? Are you a belly dancer, do you want to try your hand at stand-up comedy, or do you just have a really interesting topic that you'd like to speak about for ten minutes? If so, then Venue D is the place for you. We will provide the stage, lighting, and sound -- you provide the entertainment. Tadao Tomomatsu will be hosting a class on stand-up comedy, followed by an hour of open mic. We will also have belly dancing and lightning talks about topics that show just how diverse fans can be. If you'd like to be part of Venue D, please contact us at for more information.
    • So You can do Standup?: Do a 2 to 3 minute open mic stand up routine. Spaces still available
    • Belly Dance Performance: 5 minute performance. Spaces still available
  • Night Gallery Writing Contest - DemiCon 17 is having a fiction contest based on Ghost of Honor Rod Serling’s “Night Gallery” television show. The show showed pictures in an art gallery, then focused on one and told a macabre or scary story about it. Our contest is to write a very short (1000 words or less) story about one of the works in our art show, and submit the story (with the name of the art work included) at the Registration area before 6:00 Saturday evening. We’ll read the winning story and award a small prize at Closing Ceremonies at 3:00 Sunday afternoon.
  • Health Panels - We care for our fellow fhen and offer interactive panels/workshops throughout the convention. Join in the morning for Tai Chi and yoga. Belly dance in the afternoon. Get up and move with improv or boffo sword fighting. You just can't sit still for these panels.
  • Media Room/Anime Room 2 - This year we will have a second part time anime room/part time media room. There will be a schedule coming soon.
  • Offsite Event: Farmer's Market - On Saturday Morning, 7:00 a.m.-noon, Downtown Des Moines has their weekly Farmer's Market. There will be maps available on how to walk through the skywalk system or on the ground in the Mezzanine Informational area. Meet with your friends and walk down to buy breakfast, lunch, artwork, flowers, clothes or the best pastries and coffee around. (Go for the chocolate croissants ... if they are not sold out).

Prior to the convention, this was a form allowing you to contact the appropriate department head.
If you wish to contact the Des Moines Science Fiction Society, please email
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