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DemiCon 17: July 28-30, 2006

DemiCon 1: Witness the Birth March 23 - March 25, 1990.
GoHs C.J.Cherryh, J.R.Daniels and Rusty Hevelin joined us for the inaugural DemiCon with an astounding 385 attendees.
DemiCon 2: The Voyage Continues April 26 - April 28, 1991.
GoHs Joe Haldeman, Lucy Synk, Gay Haldeman and Rusty Hevelin joined us.
DemiCon 3: My God! - It's full of Stars March 27 - March 29, 1992.
GoHs Rob Chilson, David Cherry, Myrna Logan (The Dragon Lady) and Rusty Hevelin joined us.
DemiCon 4: The Dawn of Fan March 26 - March 28, 1993.
GoHs Mickey Zucker-Reichert, Erin Mckee, Mark Moore and Rusty Hevelin joined us.
The Fifth of DemiCon: The Smoothest Convention around April 22 - April 24, 1994.
GoHs Glen Cook, David Lee Anderson, Pierre and Sandy Pettinger and Rusty Hevelin joined us.
DemiCon VI: The Undiscovered Con May 5 - May 7, 1995.
GoHs Roger Zelazny, Vincent Jo-Né Wilson Tucker and Rusty Hevelin joined us as we settled into our 'First weekend in May' timeslot.
DemiCon 7: God created the heavens and the earth in 6 days...DemiCon VII. We may have taken 6 years with DemiCon but on the Seventh Con, We'll party May 3 - May 5, 1996.
GoHs Algis Budrys, Keith Berdak, Otto and Ruth Sheller and Rusty Hevelin joined us.
DemiCon 8: Sorry, But We've Chosen Not to become Evolved - Supporting your Eternal right to Entropy May 2 - May 4, 1997.
GoHs Barbara Hambly, Mitchell Bentley, Charles Piehl and Rusty Hevelin joined us for the first showing of TICC© after Dark.
DemiCon 9: Plan Nine from Des Moines May 1 - May 3, 1998.
GoHs George Alec Effinger, William J. Hodgson, Marshall and Dee Willis and Rusty Hevelin joined us at 'Hotel SaraJevo'.
DemiCon 10: Generation X: Too old to be Neos...Too Young to be Nostalgic! April 30 - May 2, 1999.
GoHs Spider and Jeanne Robinson, NéNé, Bill Broughton and Rusty Hevelin joined us.
DemiCon 2000: Y2K Compliance is Futile. This one goes to Eleven May 5 - May 7, 2000.
GoHs Lois McMaster Bujold, Susan Van Camp, Alois and Wendy Tchampl and Rusty Hevelin joined us at the 'Borg Cube' Hotel.
DemiCon 2001: A Con Oddity May 4 - May 6, 2001.
GoHs Harry Harrison, Sergey Poyarkov, Tadao Tomomatsu and Rusty Hevelin joined us.
DemiCon the 13th: Con of the Living Dead May 3 - May 5, 2002.
GoHs F. Paul Wilson, Alan M. Clark, Dennis Lunch and Rusty Hevelin joined us. One notable achievement at this convention was the complement Alan Clark gave us; that we were even weirder than he was.
DemiCon 14: Contemplating the FUTURE May 2 - May 4, 2003.
In this future, GoHs Octavia E. Butler, Lubov, Lynda Sherman and Rusty Hevelin joined 500 attendees for a fun filled con.
DemiCon XV: DemiCon-A-Fan-alistic-XV-Fun-A-Liscious April 30 - May 2, 2004.
GoHs Emma Bull and Will Shetterly, Alan Gutierrez, Tadao Tomomatsu and Toastmaster Emeritus Rusty Hevelin helped us celebrate DemiCon's 15th anniversary. After TICC© After Dark this year Emma was heard to complement the performers with 'I didn't know that fans could dance'.
DemiCon 16: Life, the Universe and DemiCon July 29 - July 31, 2005.
Now that it's over and GoHs Brad Linaweaver, Mike Cole, Sheila Lenkman and Scott Corwin, Tadao Tomomatsu and Toastmaster Emeritus Rusty Hevelin have gone back to their Universe.        So long, and Thanks for all the Fish.
DemiCon 17: Enter the Twilight Zone of Imagination July 28 - July 30, 2006.
DemiCon 17 welcomed GoHs Frederik Pohl, Janet Chui, Ted Poovey and Darice Schirber-Poovey, Tadao Tomomatsu and Toastmaster Emeritus Rusty Hevelin. Though he couldn't be here, Frederik joined us electronically for his panel.

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