This page is pretty easy to use to let us know what volunteer jobs and shifts you want to work for us. It goes like this:

Locate the day you want on the drop-down menu Click [Change]. The schedule for that day will pop up, along with a listing of jobs available across the top and a list of times available to the left. For each shift that is available, a green box with a checkbox will appear. Simply click on the green box(es) you want, then go to the bottom of the page to enter your name and e-mail address. When you click [Send], your request will be sent to the Volunteer Coordinator where it will be processed and posted on the page. If you don't get the shift you requested, please remember that your request may not have been the first one received.

As slots fill up, the little boxes will go away, so be sure to sign up early! Thanks so much for giving us your time. The contributions you make helps to make DemiCon the wild and wacky time we all know and love.

  Art Show set-up Registration Registration data entry ConSuite Bartender ConSuite Assistants ConSuite Power Cleaner DemiCon Table Art Show Assistant 1 Art Show Assistant 2 Art Show Watcher Art Show Computer Assistant Art Show Tear Down Masquerade Door Dragons Dealer's Room Patrol Masquerade House Crew ConSuite Set Up
12:00 Art Show set-up
(12:00 to 14:00)

14:00 Art Show set-up
(14:00 to 16:00)

16:00 Art Show set-up
(16:00 to 18:00)

18:00 Art Show set-up
(18:00 to 20:00)

20:00 Art Show set-up
(20:00 to 22:00)

Online volunteering has been disabled. Please sign up for volunteering at the convention.

Title: Registration
Description: Welcome fans, find registration info, hand out badges, programs, be of good cheer!

Title: Registration data entry
Description: Data entry work for new/pre-regs at registration desk.

Title: Art Show set-up
Description: Assemble art show grid walls and hang artwork

Title: ConSuite Power Cleaner
Description: Needed briefly both mornings to do a thorough job of emptying trash, policing floors, restocking food and committing a general neatness.

Title: DemiCon Table
Description: Spend your time sitting in the Huxter's Room (oh the humanity!) while selling memberships for next DemiCon, tee shirts, lanyards and other various and assorted merchandise of a fannish persuasion

Title: ConSuite Bartender
Description: Mixing of drinks, dispensing of advice, final authority on all things ConSuite (except for Department Head and/or ConCom)

Title: ConSuite Assistants
Description: To help patrol for badges, wrangle pop machines, do minor clean-up, refill food bowls, empty trash, other miscellaneous chores.

Title: Art Show Assistant 2
Description: Help with the bag check area in the Art Show, roam the show, creating neatness and marking art pieces "sold" when appropriate.

Title: Art Show Assistant 1
Description: Help to staff the art show desk. Includes handling "Quick Sales" and Print Shop sales. Will work with art show department head.

Title: Art Show Watcher
Description: Handle the bag check area at the art show entrance.

Title: Art Show Computer Assistant
Description: Operate a second computer to process art show sales.

Title: Art Show Tear Down
Description: Help take down, check out and rebox unsold mail-in art and knock down art show risers.

Title: Masquerade Door Dragons
Description: Guarding of the doors prior to the Saturday night Masquerade to be sure that contestants, stage hands, etc. are unmolested by overly anxious audience members.

Title: Dealer's Room Patrol
Description: Help maintain the Dealer's Room, run errands, bring refreshments, empty trash, etc.

Title: Masquerade House Crew
Description: Help set up chairs, accommodate special needs, assist with stage set-up prior to Masquerade

Title: ConSuite Set Up
Description: Tote that barge, lift that bale, get a little drunk and you end up on ConSuite Set Up. Stocking food, liquor, beverages, serving utensils, etc. into ConSuite at direction of ConSuite dept head

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